Deno was created by the inventor of Nodejs.

Deno was created by the inventor of Nodejs.

After getting frustrated with a few different markdown editors I decided to just start using VS Codium for notes. This is mostly awesome.

One small obstacle was ordering notes by date. I decided I can include the date in the filename. The convention I chose was "yy-mm-dd-" + "article-title". This was a pain to write, and I even got it wrong a couple times 😅. Enter Deno

I wanted to try Deno on something trivial anyway. So I made this snippet with Deno to generate a file with the title and formatted date:

let today = new Date();

let titleDate =
  String(today.getFullYear()).slice(2) +
  "-" +
  String(today.getMonth() + 1).padStart(2, 0) +
  "-" +
  String(today.getDate()).padStart(2, 0);

let fileTitle = titleDate + "-" + Deno.args.join("-");

const encoder = new TextEncoder();
const data = encoder.encode(`# ${Deno.args.join(" ")}

## ${today.getMonth() + 1}/${today.getDate()}/${today.getFullYear()}`);
Deno.writeFileSync(`${fileTitle}.md`, data); // overwrite "fileTitle.txt" or create it

It's great and it makes note taking a much cleaner experience. Way smoother to do with Deno than Nodejs because I can just have a single .js file in my root notes folder without disturbing the peace and initiating npm and everything.