Letters from the Guardian
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Letters from the Guardian

Letters from the Guardian

The letters from the Guardianship amount to a tremendous ocean of guidance. For me it was difficult to figure out how to approach, but as I started reading letter after letter a deep love quickly built in my heart for the Beloved Guardian. It is no doubt a reflection of his love through the many letters that I felt warming my heart.

Centennial of the Passing of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the passing of the Master. In His will and testament He named Shoghi Effendi as the Guardian of the Baha'i Faith. So as we remember the immeasurable contribution of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá on the occasion of the centenary of His passing we can also celebrate the 100 years of having the bounty of the Guardianship.


Wouldn't it be a joy to recieve a carbon copy of each of the letters that streamed out from the center of the Faith during the ministry of the Beloved Guardian? Or rather wont it be a joy?

Shoghi.cc is a subscription newsletter that will send out, on the centenial of their original sending, many of the letters of the Guardian.

The hope is that the friends will experience a reflection of the joy the original recipients may have felt, while also having the opportunity to gradually delve into the writings of the Gaurdian.

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Don Calkins

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Letters from the Guardian on the centenary of their sending.
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